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June 16th, 2010

Black hole heaven...

Yes, of course, I just fell into the delicious black hole that is the World Cup.

(I hope this post looks OK, first time composing with a client).

Last Saturday had a barbecue with some mates for the England vs USA match. Tash very kindly brought some hats, flags and horns which ensured that we had a whole load of England regalia to cheer our team on. After lots of food, much fun with SingStar (not surprisingly I was the champ at Copacabana) we all settled for the match.

Of course, typical England, get off to a good start and then bam! A goalkeeping error and yes, we're the world's laughing stock. What is it with our goalies? Although Dave Seaman is a legend there will always be a questionmark over the Ronaldinho 'was it a cross was it a shot' in 2002. Hey, we could even go back to Shilton being outjumped by Maradona.
Paul Robinson and the divet in Croatia, then Scott Carson's debut when he totally missed that shot at Wembley. Although, perhaps he was distracted by the beauty of Niko Kranjcar. That would be my excuse, anyhow.

So we ramble on about the ball, and by God, Heskey's miss. We seem to be missing the point that the USA played well (oh and Carlos Bocanegra why did I never notice your beauty while you were playing at Fulham?) and that very few of our players actually did well.

I suppose we've had the biggest shock today with Spain losing to Switzerland. Being a Rafa fan this is not the Spain v Switzerland outcome I am used to. But there's no disaster yet, a long way to go for all the sides.

Germany looked pretty good though. Please, Wenger, bring Mezut Özil to Arsenal. He was just wonderful.

My other team (the host nation) are currently losing to Uruguay. Come on Bafana Bafana!

The NBA finals are going to Game 7. Well, maybe I can manage 2am on Friday to take in the action. Come on the Celtics!

Back to the football.....

I'm thinking about getting a Twitter account, does anyone else out there tweet?

June 10th, 2010

A sweeping statement...

Kill Bill

Things you never think you will hear your mother say:

"Helen! There's a feature about cosplay on the news."

Despite having written about anime for two years now, I can't ever remember talking to her about cosplay...I'm not even that interested in it! Heh.
I didn't think she even knew what it was!

Well, it's been a pleasing sporting time so far. Sunday's French Open final was really hard for me to watch. I was so nervous and (please don't throw things at me...) after the tournament he had, I really thought Söderling was the favourite. Very glad and relieved that I was wrong. I was sick with nerves throughout the first set though. I think watching Rafa is much harder than watching Arsenal because it's just him and not a team.
But oh yes, French Open number 5. Queen's going OK although a slight injury scare...oh to be the trainer working those 'tight glutes' as Greg Rusedski put it so eloquently.

And yes...the Hawks won the Stanley Cup! And Kane scored the winner...and what a winner it was. This morning I woke up at about 3:30 and immediately sneaked down to get the ESPN card and whacked it in my telly. I turn on and there's 5 mins to go the Hawks are leading 3-2. Only five minutes, I think, they can hang on. Oh but then, the Flyers score and my heart sinks. Mostly because the ESPN transmission via TOTV/Freeview has to end at 4am, which means that I won't see a minute of the overtime. :/ I cling to the vain hope that they might just make an exception with the Cup on the line, but no. 4 o'clock = blank screen. Cheers. In contrast, much praise to NHL.com for their great video coverage.

I think the Celtics are 2-1 behind though. :( Come on the green!

The World Cup is almost here and I wish everyone would stop their fucking moaning. First there's the freak show of a ball (we hear this before every BLOODY tournament). I'm sorry, but they aren't going to make the ball favour the keepers, are they? Who wants to watch 101 great SAVES of World Cup 2010? Goals are what it's all about. Then there was the altitude moan. Well, I'm sorry England, but which country does actually PLAY at altitude?

And it seems that the ref for the England vs USA match, a controversial Brazilian, has been learning English swear words (20 or something...let's list them for fun!) and that this is all a ploy to get Rooney sent off for bad language. Hmm...OK. Now, remind me, which language do they speak in the USA? Oh, that's right....

I have South Africa and Germany in the sweepstake. Not bad.

Having a barbie on Saturday, hoping for good weather, then will watch the match. I think it will be a close one. And although the England squad does contain so many horrid eejits, c'mon England!

Good luck to everyone who has a country in the World Cup. :)

Hahahaha Detect location thinks I'm in Canvey Island. Close, but no cigar!

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June 2nd, 2010


Sittin Pretty
These shootings in Cumbria are awful, 12 people dead and many more injured. Yet BBC News seems to find it more important that we go live to Heathrow to watch the England team get on the plane, while people are complaining about ITV not showing tonight's Coronation Street because it was due to feature guns. What an odd world we live in. It's an interesting debate as to whether how essential pulling a fictional show in light of recent events is, though. I think it is the right thing to do, respect for others is far more important than a TV show, but I can understand some of the counter-arguments.

The 24-hour news can be pretty odd at times, though. The first plane landing after the volcanic ash was almost amusing, it was like everyone had never seen a plane before.

I am sad that Theo Walcott didn't make the England squad. Granted, he has not been in the best of form, but some of the inclusions above him are questionable. It's odd. I feel in some ways he's a victim of his own success (Oh, hang on Sky News also now showing the plane...I think I should switch off) after that exhilarating hat-trick in the Maksimir. It was such a big deal for us, especially after Wembley and the Wally with the Brolly, to go there and win so convincingly. But because he hasn't shown much after that, I feel the media has been so very hard on him. I feel like they LOVE to criticise him. All that was in the news report this morning, for example, was a few clips of poor crosses. But hang on, where was the balance? The great performance he had in the PL against Burnley (OK, yes, I know not world-class opposition). How about his goal against Barcelona, a game-changer that did turn the tide against Europe's best? Perhaps he really should be utilised as a striker as opposed to a winger. Let's not forget that he did have a serious shoulder injury (ironically picked up while training with the national squad) and he's only 21. Part of me thinks he's better off out of it. The media will have to find a new scapegoat now.

A £29 million bid for Cesc from Barca apparently. Hmm, going to need some more cash than that I would think!

Well, work was mediocre today, just chasing shadows after being off and the Bank Holiday, hopefully I can gain some ground tomorrow.
Got home in time to see the third set of Rafa v Almagro. A close match, really, despite the 3-set victory. The Melzer semi should be interesting and a possible final against Soderling! Soderling has plated very well so far and I think he would be a good bet for the final, but of course want Rafa to prevail. It's going to be exciting, close matches and plenty of upsets so far.

I just pressed the 'Detect' button and it settled on London, United Kingdom. Well, not so far away, but I am a little unimpressed!

May 31st, 2010

(no subject)

My Nan on technology: "Well, I don't know my Twitter from my Faceoff!"

A fun exchange during Murray v Gasquet:

Dad: "What is Gasquet drinking there?"
Me: "Pepsi."
Me: "Well, he can't really have Coke, can he?"

Anyway. The French has been as enjoyable as ever so far. I think Federer v Soderling will be very interesting indeed. Rafa going well so far but not at the dizzy heights of 2008 yet. Still, a long way to go in the tournament really.

Hurray for the Blackhawks winning game 1 and for the Celtics getting to the NBA finals. Come on the red and the green!

England struggled to a lacklustre 2-1 win over Japan thanks to two own goals, which shows we're well short of winning the World Cup for now, while the USA had a good win over the ever-dangerous Turkey in Philadelphia the other night. Much work to do before the 12th June methinks.

Eurovision good for a laugh as ever, but I really didn't like the winning entry. Shocking Mockney vocals. Unlike last year's winner, which was such a good song, this one was just terrible. I thought that Denmark was good, or Greece with OPA! As much as a fan of all the old SAW songs as I am, old os exactly what they are. Despite the fact that 'That Sounds Good To Me' was going through my head during most of yesterday, (along with 'Getting to Know You', the combination of which was driving me slightly loopy), it was dated and pretty cheesy. It felt like we'd gone backwards after the Lord and Jade's good work last year. What next for the UK entries? Bring back Cliff I say!

Back to work tomorrow. *grumble*

Going to look over my writing now as I have been neglecting it.

May 27th, 2010

Oh God, this is so funny. I was going to post something entirely different, but whatever.
A Dublin radio station's satire of Ronan Keating with his new album: Good Guy Gone Bad

May 25th, 2010

French Open Fun...

Rafa Blue
Yes, you should have known, it takes a high-ranking tennis event for me to come out of the woodwork!

I hope everyone is OK. I'm not sure how to sum up everything since the last time I posted, so I'll just randomly ramble on for a while.

Work is fine. Same old, same old really. I started a new project where I was really having to rewrite a lot of copy and I felt this was such a good use of my talents. But unfortunately something new came along which I thought wouldn't be as much of a test. Turns out I was wrong and it is going OK. I'm not confident about many things in my life, but I know that I can write.

I switched to using a Mac at home as well as at work, but I have kept my Vaio laptop. (Sony fangirl alert!) I really don't understand why everyone has to bash PC or Mac or both, they both have their good points and bad. I don't have an iPhone but I'm warming to them, I just tend not to jump on bandwagons. I have never read Harry Potter, or seen Lord of the Rings.

What to sum up re Arsenal's season? I think I went to less games this season. Let me see. Portsmouth on 22nd August (that was a good day, 4-1 win, little black skirt and white away shirt, boiling hot day, free red and white scarf!). Birmingham in October..we were right next to the away section, not much fun...Theo got crocked as well. vs Liverpool in the Carling Cup Now that was a good night, with all the beachballs flying about, and 3 cracking goals. vs Bolton the 4-2, best match I have been to. 2-1 down at half time, I went and got doughnuts and then a miracle. At 3-2 we were singing "We want four" and at 4-2 we were top of the league! Happy days. Shame it didn't last. Then Liverpool on 10th Feb, fucking freezing cold night, like statues in the stand. I have never been that cold while outside before. Not even the hot tea was a relief! Then the last one I went to was Burnley, not a bad match. I think once again, St andrews was the curse for us and we lost all momentum at Birmingham. And the Wigan defeat was pretty bad. Keep the faith, as ever.

Good to see the French Open today and Rafa back in the groove. Really not sure about the shirt. I understand the reasoning for the colours (Green = FO 2005 and 2008, Light Blue = FO 2007, Dark Blue for 06 perhaps?) It reminds me of David Seaman's scary keeper kit during Euro 1996, one that I am sure another member of the Nadal family has nightmares about. But ¡Vamos! as ever.

Greatly enjoying the NHL playoffs at the moment, took much more interest in hockey after playing NHL 10 and am ,loving the run by the Blackhawks, I hope they win the Cup now. Any excuse for a few rounds of 'Chelsea Dagger'.

Looking forward very much to going to see the NFL game at Wembley in October and I have ordered my tickets for the ATP finals in November. Not sure if I will camp at Wimbledon yet. We'll see.

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November 24th, 2009

Ah, drat. Just posted a huge entry about the ATP World Tour FInals and lost it all because I hadn't enabled Java in NoScript.
Oh well. Here I go again. Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I seem to spend so little time on the computer these days. I doubt anybody missed me!

But, yeah, anyway, I couldn't miss posting about the ATP World Tour Finals and my one and a half days of action.
After buying my tickets in March my gamble paid off as I had no idea who would play when but I was very fortunate to see Federer and Rafa, so hurray. As well as Bhuphati/Knowles, who I saw at Wimbledon this year and the Bryan brothers...didn't stay for Djokovic V Davydenko last night as would most likely have been very late or stuck in London and was also very tired from the journey back on Sunday which was far from direct due to engineering works and Rail Replacement shenanigans.

Anyway, on to the action. Sunday night was good, I thought Federer played very poorly at the start and Verdasco was whacking the ball back very, very hard. Yes, on the TV you can tell when the ball is being pounded, but this was just anothwer level, you could hear it so clearly. But Federer really did raise his game towards the end, although sadly we had to leave early because of the aformentioned travel chaos.

On to Rafa. I was so excited to be there and to see him, felt like I'd been waiting since the 2005 Roland Garros to see him, and I'm very lucky and grateful that the Finals are at the 02 and that it's not too far away. But, on the flipside, when it was announced that Soderling was going to play because of Roddick's withdrawal, I just KNEW that I would end up seeing Rafa vs the Sod and that it might just end up as it did. It was so exciting all the build up, all the people scrambling to take photos, the roar of delight and pulsing of all the flashlights as Rafa came in. Lots of Spanish flags and fun messages.

The game itself was reasonably close I felt, it was such a shame that Rafa didn't seem to play well on the big points, which is something he normally does so well. Bless him for staying on and signing autographs win or loss as ever. Which just goes to show once again he is a champ on and off the court and that I was blessed to see him, even if he did lose. It was a shame, but onwards and upwards and ¡Vamos! as ever.

I'm not a great photographer and my camera is so small compared to all those people with SLRs...but with some help from the magic tulip I did manage to get some reasonable shots, behind the cut. :)

Pics from the O2Collapse )

June 3rd, 2009

Birthdays and Boyzone...

Sittin Pretty
¡Feliz cumpleaños Rafa!

I've had a bit of an up-and-down day today, some little irritations at work earlier were really getting to me but I feel a lot better now. Mostly thanks to natbat3 's great email about the Boyzone concert and our amusing abuse of Ronan earlier. Which has now led me to my iTunes and What Can You Do For Me. I then decided to browse their Last.fm page to see what was on there. It starts as you'd expect, with No Matter What and Love You Anyway. And then there were these gems:

Nothing at All (As much as Ronan thinks it is, the bench song is NOT a Boyzone song)
Shooting Star feat. Boyzone (Explain how that one works, please....)
I Swear (I know most people think I Swear is Boyz II Men, but really...)
Sorry (I'd be sorry if I didn't know that the song is actually called Baby Can I Hold You)
Pictures of You (Who let Mary-Ann Hobbs in?)
Lab (Your guess is as good as mine...)
The Connells 74-75 (Oh dear.)
Oh Caron (So near, yet so far...)
Father and on (Hehehehehehehehe)
KEY LIFE (Succinct, I suppose.)

But the best one of all...

Good Conservation!  (Oh, that made me laugh like a drain....)

*runs away to make sure she has all the ld B-sides in iTunes*

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May 31st, 2009

Shocking pink...

Rafa Blue
I still can't believe Rafa lost today. I thought I wasn't going to dwell on it too much but it seems I can't help myself now. Credit to Soderling who played some excellent shots and never cracked when people expected him to, but Rafa was not at the races at all today. Just hitting it far too short too often. Such a surprise after the way he demolished Hewitt and hit some bullets. Oh well, bring on Queen's, here's hoping Britain will be good to Rafa again. I'm not sure if this is worse than losing 3-1 at the Emirates to Man U, certainly is up there with the sporting heartbreaks of 2009.

Oh well, a disappointing end to a great week off with plenty of time to indulge myself in films, tidying and the ER S14 DVDs. And, yes, I did enjoy watching those episodes again. Oh and there are a couple of interesting deleted scenes from the DVDs that I can post or write about if anyone out there still cares? I must get to the end of 15 now, have seen up to Carter's return so far so must fit that in somewhere.

I watched the Korean film Oldboy this week. Thought it was superb, quite bleak and violent but a killer twist that just blew me away, even if a tiny part of me could sense it...

Feeling sad and angry now. I think this is an ample mood for me to finish the fanfic that has been sitting on my laptop forever and then perhaps the new episode of Family Guy will cheer me up. Then back to work tomorrow..

April 8th, 2009

Tiny little fractures...

Rafa Blue
Well, sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Work has been a bit manic. I worked late tonight and I had such a crazy day, I haven't had one of those in a while. So now I feel wound up and annoyed. Something always seems to go wrong, sometimes it's my fault, sometimes it's not, I'm just tired and a bit down. I hate to make mistakes. I hate it. Still, holiday coming up so time for a rest and to reevaluate everything. Easter is almost here, hurray. And also thanks tonatbat3  for the lunchtime brioche/slash/generally merry emails, they keep me going through the tough days. 

So, well, I suppose plenty has gone on since my last blog. It was my birthday not long after my last post, which was nice, went for a curry and had a lovely time. Apart from the waiter who ruined my birthday surprise, but that was fun and will live long in the memory. On 24th Feb Tash and I went to Arsenal v Roma which was great. I remember years and years ago at school in the sixth form one of the guys in my form was an Arsenal fan. I will never forget standing in the corridor when he showed me the metallic-grey ticket with hologram and the logo, I think he was going to see Arsenal v Leverkusen at Highbury. And I remember thinking I would never have the chance to see a Champions League game. I am pleased to say I was wrong and that we're also off to the 2nd leg next Wednesday. I'm very excited at the prospect of such an all-or-nothing game. It's gonna be exciting.

Well, what to say about F1. An exciting start to the season and pleased that Button finally has a good car after wondering for so many seasons if he would have been better off in a Ford Cortina! It would be a shame if all this diffuser stuff will get in the way, so much red tape these days. Very disappointed in McLaren and Hamilton and all their excuses and lies. I'd be very surprised if they got thrown out, but you never know. It's not a witch hunt this time, they were in the wrong and they have been punished. So sad that now they're all talking about him quitting for Ferrari, that would be such a shame after the team had shown him such loyalty. Anyway.

I got tickets for the first two days of the ATP World Tour finals in Novermber, so very much looking forward to that and hoping, hoping, hoping to see Rafa. I'm not going to the Sunday afternoon session, knowing my luck he'll probably play then. Oh well, it will still be a day and a half of tennis, looking forward to it. Roland Garros is not too far away now either...I must put in holiday in case the final overruns.

Right, it's almost half time. I must wash my hair. I'll try to update more often.

Happy Birthday Claire! Have a great time in the Baltics.

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