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Lost for Words

French Open Fun...

French Open Fun...

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Rafa Blue
Yes, you should have known, it takes a high-ranking tennis event for me to come out of the woodwork!

I hope everyone is OK. I'm not sure how to sum up everything since the last time I posted, so I'll just randomly ramble on for a while.

Work is fine. Same old, same old really. I started a new project where I was really having to rewrite a lot of copy and I felt this was such a good use of my talents. But unfortunately something new came along which I thought wouldn't be as much of a test. Turns out I was wrong and it is going OK. I'm not confident about many things in my life, but I know that I can write.

I switched to using a Mac at home as well as at work, but I have kept my Vaio laptop. (Sony fangirl alert!) I really don't understand why everyone has to bash PC or Mac or both, they both have their good points and bad. I don't have an iPhone but I'm warming to them, I just tend not to jump on bandwagons. I have never read Harry Potter, or seen Lord of the Rings.

What to sum up re Arsenal's season? I think I went to less games this season. Let me see. Portsmouth on 22nd August (that was a good day, 4-1 win, little black skirt and white away shirt, boiling hot day, free red and white scarf!). Birmingham in October..we were right next to the away section, not much fun...Theo got crocked as well. vs Liverpool in the Carling Cup Now that was a good night, with all the beachballs flying about, and 3 cracking goals. vs Bolton the 4-2, best match I have been to. 2-1 down at half time, I went and got doughnuts and then a miracle. At 3-2 we were singing "We want four" and at 4-2 we were top of the league! Happy days. Shame it didn't last. Then Liverpool on 10th Feb, fucking freezing cold night, like statues in the stand. I have never been that cold while outside before. Not even the hot tea was a relief! Then the last one I went to was Burnley, not a bad match. I think once again, St andrews was the curse for us and we lost all momentum at Birmingham. And the Wigan defeat was pretty bad. Keep the faith, as ever.

Good to see the French Open today and Rafa back in the groove. Really not sure about the shirt. I understand the reasoning for the colours (Green = FO 2005 and 2008, Light Blue = FO 2007, Dark Blue for 06 perhaps?) It reminds me of David Seaman's scary keeper kit during Euro 1996, one that I am sure another member of the Nadal family has nightmares about. But ¡Vamos! as ever.

Greatly enjoying the NHL playoffs at the moment, took much more interest in hockey after playing NHL 10 and am ,loving the run by the Blackhawks, I hope they win the Cup now. Any excuse for a few rounds of 'Chelsea Dagger'.

Looking forward very much to going to see the NFL game at Wembley in October and I have ordered my tickets for the ATP finals in November. Not sure if I will camp at Wimbledon yet. We'll see.

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  • You are alive! Are you gearing up for the World Cup? My brother already has the days counted down (17 I believe). Woohoo! You're going to an NFL game! I hope you have a good time.

    It seems like you had fun at the Arsenal games. My brother and I actually agree on a team for the Champions' League. I'm more of an AC Milan fan but we're both going for Inter (he can't stand Bayern as they knocked ManU out) so hopefully we'll be right.

    I see you're enjoying hockey; have you been watching any of the NBA playoffs? The Suns are (for now) still in it. I can't stand basketball but I really, really don't like the Lakers and living in Phoenix it's hard NOT to cheer for the Suns right now.
    • I am, yes! I hope that you're good.

      Yes, I'm really looking forward to the World Cup. England played Mexico last night, they won but they were not good! the first game should be interesting...USA were very strong in the Confederations Cup last year so I think it will be close. I always organise the sweepstake at work so here's hoping I can get 32 people!

      Yes I am hoping that Broncos vs 49ers will be good. I'm excited to go to Wembley, the tickets were also very expensive so here's hoping it won't be a safety to 0 or something!

      Arsenal are playing AC Milan in a pre-season friendly in July, that should be good. Inter are a good team, I can't say I like Mourinho though, far too arrogant for my liking.

      Yep I have been watching the NBA playoffs. I have ESPN UK, but of course it can be hard to catch everything with the time difference. I really like the Celtics and I was surprised they dropped to 3-1 but hopefully they'll close it out.
      The Suns are hanging on in there (i saw some of that game earlier) and I would prefer them to beat the Lakers too. They have a good team: Nash, Grant Hill, Amare, Jason Richardson.

      I've been watching the baseball too, but it's my least favourite out of the big four sports. Although I'm patient, I just can't sit and watch a whole game.
      I did read 'Game of Shadows' not long ago, brilliant book.
      • I wouldn't worry about the Broncos/49ers game being safety to zero lol. However, I hope you cheer for the 49ers as the Broncos are enemies of my beloved (but terrible) Cleveland Browns.

        I'm not a huge AC Milan fan, I just prefer them over Inter. My team is and always will be Liverpool (*ducks at the things you're mentally throwing at me*) though I do like Arsenal as well.

        What is "Game of Shadows"?
        • Nice icon. :) I have started to write a long fanfic again, hoping to post the 1st chapter soon.

          I won't be cheering for anyone, strictly a neutral! Alex Smith (I think he is a QB for the 49ers) was a part of the BBC's Superbowl coverage this year and he seemed like a nice guy.

          I won't throw anything at you as I really, really like Liverpool. If Arsenal can't win the league then I would always have Liverpool as my second choice. A proper club with proper fans and a rich tradition. Their slump this year has been very sad, I hope they sort out all their nonsense with the owners and manage to keep Torres.

          Game of Shadows is an excellent book by two journalists from the SF Chronicle, all about the BALCO scandal and controversies surrounding Barry Bonds.
          • Ooh, I'll have to check out the fic when you're done.

            Glad the BBC coverage of the Superbowl was good. I remember watching that...I laughed so hard as it's very different from watching the Superbowl here. But then again, our coverage of sports like soccer or rugby would probably be hilarious to you.

            Ah, good that you like Liverpool. Arsenal is my #2 team. :)

            I just can't bring myself to read anything about Barry Bonds as I can't stand him. So much talent that just went to waste. He is a fantastic player but after what he did, everything he'll be known for will be surrounded by the scandals.
            • (Anonymous)
              Yeah, I've planned it all out and written a good bit of it, I just can't bring the 1st chapter to a suitable conclusion, but going to work on it a bit later I think.

              The BBC are very good with their NFL coverage. They're not patronising in any way and know that the people in the UK who are watching know all about downs etc. We get one regular season game a week on the radio, where they normally just get commentary from US radio. They do send over their presenters for a few of the games, one of whom is Greg Brady, a Canadian radio presenter. Overall it's good stuff and I'm looking forward to the new season, especially as ESPN UK will have Monday Night Football this year, but again, k.o will be about 12am or later here, so it can be hard to stay up. Shame they couldn't get the Sunday games as the 9:15 k.o. time our time is much more manageable.

              Well, it's a pretty damning account of him and I don't like him at all. I'm just fascinated why people would put themselves at such risk to cheat at sport. I don't really understand it, not in my nature to cheat at anything so it is mainly that that interests me. And the fact that all the BALCO athletes got away with it for so long.
              • Something weird is going on with your journal because when I tried to get to it the normal way it wouldn't let me in. This cut was listed in my history and that's the only way I could get here...weird.

                It's strange that you're getting Monday night football instead. Here we have the opposite problem; now that I live on the West Coast everything is on so much earlier - a game that's on at 9:15 for you is at 1:15 for me. So the earlier games (which would start at 6:15 for you) are on at 10:15 am here. As for the SuperBowl, when I was over there they were explaining things like what a touchdown was, so it must not have been the BBC (probably RTE).

                I don't get why people - especially people who are GOOD at what they do - are tempted to cheat, either. The reason they got away with it, though, is because baseball doesn't have the greatest policies or rules when it comes to managing the league.

                Looking forward to the fic when you get it up. I hate it when you have so much written but one little part is causing problems...good luck! :)
                • Oh odd! Glad you got it sorted. :)

                  I think Sky probably have the rights for the majority of the televised Sunday night games, and I fear if I buy their sport channels then I may never leave home again! Well, football at breakfast sounds good. The radio is good but it can be hard to keep awake, I have many times drifted off only to wake up to 'TOUCHDOWN!"

                  It was odd, literally the day after I started reading that book, Mark McGwire admitted that he had used steroids. (He's featured in it very early on).

                  Thanks, it will come to me.
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