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Lost for Words

I had a picture of you, not my wife...

I had a picture of you, not my wife...

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Forget the World
Oh God, this is so funny. I was going to post something entirely different, but whatever.
A Dublin radio station's satire of Ronan Keating with his new album: Good Guy Gone Bad

  • AHAHAHAA!!! "Leaving home now..." cruel, but genius!
    • Good, isn't it? Also, I know that the "yeaaah" in KTML is actually Stephen in the real song, but the piss-take yeaaaah in this one is so very funny.

      I think "Lovin' Each Lay" is my favourite. This genre is surely ripe for picking. "Cuckolded" for "Addicted" perhaps?
      Nothing will reach the heights of "Must Have Been Pies", though.
      • Ah, the pie songs! Good times. While the Pies are Going Crazy was the original and best...
        • Another odd sliver of my hard drive of a memory. 'While the World is Going Crazy' will always make me think of the Celtica centre in Machynlleth. (Oh no...I just found out it got shut due to lack of visitors..basically an exhibition about Celtic traditions etc near Aberystwyth). I think it was about 1999 and I was in Wales with my parents and my aunt. We had a punt around the Celtica and then we sat in the car because it was hammering down with rain. The tape player in our car was a heap of shite but my tape of WWB seemed to play perfectly. That song was so soothing, the really beautiful oboe in contrast with the rain. I distinctly remember my aunt saying how the song was so apt because the rain was just belting out of the sky.

          Anyway. Was that all we had? Maybe there was 'When You Eat Nothing But Pies' too? There should have been!

          When the pies are going crazy...while the crust is falling off.

          Apparently Ronan is writing grovelling songs in an attempt to win Madam Liver back. Imagine! He's actually writing songs! Maybe it will be next year's Eurovision entry by Azerbaijan...

          • It's nice when songs remind you of certain things, isn't it? Stephen Gately's album reminds me of that coach trip we had to Essex University... do you remember that? Also, it reminds me of the drive up to Preston, as I had it on in my earphones in the back of the car. Good times.

            The only other pie song I think I wrote was Truly Madly Deepfried, which was Phil's request. It wasn't as good, though. And I think I tried to pie-ify Good Conversation, but couldn't quite manage it!

            Ha! Genius! Why the hell does he want to win her back?! Oh dear oh dear....
            • Yes...the University of Essex coach trip was fun. I think we had S Club7 on as well? God, I came back with a MOUNTAIN of prospectuses, I had to literally drag them home!

              I don't know. But hey, he's writing songs! Better than making a mess of other people's! *cough Iris cough*
              • Yes, probably S Club 7 were involved. I love your photographic memory!

                True! I will hold back judgment until I hear it...
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