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Lost for Words

My Nan on technology: "Well, I don't know my Twitter from my…

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My Nan on technology: "Well, I don't know my Twitter from my Faceoff!"

A fun exchange during Murray v Gasquet:

Dad: "What is Gasquet drinking there?"
Me: "Pepsi."
Me: "Well, he can't really have Coke, can he?"

Anyway. The French has been as enjoyable as ever so far. I think Federer v Soderling will be very interesting indeed. Rafa going well so far but not at the dizzy heights of 2008 yet. Still, a long way to go in the tournament really.

Hurray for the Blackhawks winning game 1 and for the Celtics getting to the NBA finals. Come on the red and the green!

England struggled to a lacklustre 2-1 win over Japan thanks to two own goals, which shows we're well short of winning the World Cup for now, while the USA had a good win over the ever-dangerous Turkey in Philadelphia the other night. Much work to do before the 12th June methinks.

Eurovision good for a laugh as ever, but I really didn't like the winning entry. Shocking Mockney vocals. Unlike last year's winner, which was such a good song, this one was just terrible. I thought that Denmark was good, or Greece with OPA! As much as a fan of all the old SAW songs as I am, old os exactly what they are. Despite the fact that 'That Sounds Good To Me' was going through my head during most of yesterday, (along with 'Getting to Know You', the combination of which was driving me slightly loopy), it was dated and pretty cheesy. It felt like we'd gone backwards after the Lord and Jade's good work last year. What next for the UK entries? Bring back Cliff I say!

Back to work tomorrow. *grumble*

Going to look over my writing now as I have been neglecting it.
  • Hee, I love the word "Mockney" - I was watching the German broadcast and the commentator was expecting points from the UK because of the accent - I believe there were none. ;)
    • And rightly so! No matter how bad we were, which was pretty bad, that song was just awful. Some people suggested to me that Germany got the most votes because they're financially holding Europe together!

      I thought your post about the block voting was bang on, I don't think it's too much of an issue now. Predictable as it is, I can't blame countries with large immigrant populations (ie many Turks in Germany) or neighbours with close cultural ties for voting for each other. It is a shame that it's not always the best song that wins, but hey, there's not much quality to choose from these days!

      I think us Brits do get uptight about it because we have such a successful history, but no country has any more right than the other to win it. I always find it a good night, anyway.
      • Haha, I've heard that one too, first saw it during the televote on the Facebook live feed, lol. I guess it's since Germany can't be blamed to be a Balkan state or ex-USSR (well, not all of it, I guess. Wonder if anyone's gone there yet?:D..). There has to be something!!!11 ;) Personally I don't mind the song - I don't think it was the best, but it's sort of amusing. And irritating as well, for that matter... (I might just be jaded, being from the country that sent and won with bloody monsters. Every other time when something resembling normal music has been sent, it's been shot down flat. Personally I much prefer the ethno of this year, but it's not what I'd call marketable.)

        Yeah, the whole block thing amuses and pisses me off; even the NY Times claimed it as a fact that the ex-USSR countries somehow had staged their wins over the past decade, noting that half of the ten winners were from said countries. Um hello, ever heard of the fact that like something like half of the CONTINENT is, too?! Christ. I wonder if everyone was bitching about North Sea bias in the Logan days of Irish double/triple/whatever victories...;) It's just a pet issue of mine, the whole mental divide of the continent still, and the ways it's always brought up around the ESC bugs me a lot. I realise that the romantic idea of uniting the continent for one night/week is terribly idealistic, but it still seems so ugly when people have to pull this stuff during an event supposed to be all hippie-lovin'.

        Oh, that's why the Swedes whine, too - they've won four times and the spectacle is close to national holiday (not so much in Finland, since, well, we suck at it. We can't really blame the Balkans for not winning, since we never did before either...) And I understand that very well, but the fact that no columnist ever seems to realise that adding at least double the amount of contestants = not the same ol' winners anymore. Just basic logic. But of course, resentment is very basic as well, so ;)

        This spectacle just isn't good for my nerves, clearly.
  • Your nan rocks.
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