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Lost for Words



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Sittin Pretty
These shootings in Cumbria are awful, 12 people dead and many more injured. Yet BBC News seems to find it more important that we go live to Heathrow to watch the England team get on the plane, while people are complaining about ITV not showing tonight's Coronation Street because it was due to feature guns. What an odd world we live in. It's an interesting debate as to whether how essential pulling a fictional show in light of recent events is, though. I think it is the right thing to do, respect for others is far more important than a TV show, but I can understand some of the counter-arguments.

The 24-hour news can be pretty odd at times, though. The first plane landing after the volcanic ash was almost amusing, it was like everyone had never seen a plane before.

I am sad that Theo Walcott didn't make the England squad. Granted, he has not been in the best of form, but some of the inclusions above him are questionable. It's odd. I feel in some ways he's a victim of his own success (Oh, hang on Sky News also now showing the plane...I think I should switch off) after that exhilarating hat-trick in the Maksimir. It was such a big deal for us, especially after Wembley and the Wally with the Brolly, to go there and win so convincingly. But because he hasn't shown much after that, I feel the media has been so very hard on him. I feel like they LOVE to criticise him. All that was in the news report this morning, for example, was a few clips of poor crosses. But hang on, where was the balance? The great performance he had in the PL against Burnley (OK, yes, I know not world-class opposition). How about his goal against Barcelona, a game-changer that did turn the tide against Europe's best? Perhaps he really should be utilised as a striker as opposed to a winger. Let's not forget that he did have a serious shoulder injury (ironically picked up while training with the national squad) and he's only 21. Part of me thinks he's better off out of it. The media will have to find a new scapegoat now.

A £29 million bid for Cesc from Barca apparently. Hmm, going to need some more cash than that I would think!

Well, work was mediocre today, just chasing shadows after being off and the Bank Holiday, hopefully I can gain some ground tomorrow.
Got home in time to see the third set of Rafa v Almagro. A close match, really, despite the 3-set victory. The Melzer semi should be interesting and a possible final against Soderling! Soderling has plated very well so far and I think he would be a good bet for the final, but of course want Rafa to prevail. It's going to be exciting, close matches and plenty of upsets so far.

I just pressed the 'Detect' button and it settled on London, United Kingdom. Well, not so far away, but I am a little unimpressed!

  • Channel 4 recently pulled an episode of You Have Been Watching, which was a crime and detective special in light of the Cumbria shootings. I only know about it because I was at the recording, then got really confused as to where it went. Charlie Brooker tweeted saying he was completely behind the decision (even though it wasn't his). I have to say, in that case, I don't really see the connection. It wouldn't have crossed my mind in the slightest... it was, basically, taking the piss out of detective shows. I guess it's linked to murder and whatnot, but only vaguely. Hmm. Anyway, fair enough, I guess, it can always be shown later.
    • I keep forgetting about YHBW, I do love it so. Brooker is hilarious. I read just a few days ago, however, he's engaged to Konnie Huq! Seems like an odd couple, eh?

      I think they did show a different ep that night, though. But yeah, I know what you mean. Nobody directly involved would be sitting down watching the telly anyhow.
      • Konnie Huq?! Really?! God, I hope that's not true... I can't stand her. God knows how he can, he hates everyone, and she's a person that's very easy to hate... oh dear!
        • I don't like her either, she strikes me as being quite...well, straight and not up for Charlie's sort of humour at all. Maybe that's why he likes her!

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